About the team

Wade Lagrone

CEO & Co-Founder

Wade's from Mississippi, and has lived in one end or another of the Bay Area, practicing his swamp thing, since business school in Chicago.

He's done or managed product development and/or marketing for E*TRADE; Yahoo! Finance; Tribe.net; Zopa, the world's first person-to-person lending platform; and ScanCafe, the leading photo scanning service. This is his first CEO gig, so be gentle.

Wade got a BA from Harvard College and was the 1996-98 Brunswick-Urbanek Scholar at Kellogg, where he got his MBA and practiced the piano in the morning when nobody had to listen. Also, true story: his Dad started a symphony.

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Erik Needham

CTO & Co-Founder

Erik is from western Massachusetts, and moved to San Francisco during the gold rush of 1998.

He began his engineering career at Bose Corporation, has led several engineering teams at C-Bridge Internet Solutions, a spinoff of Cambridge Technology Partners, and elsewhere. And he's founded two companies.

Erik has also run his own recording studio, Eskatonic Studios, since 2004. He has engineered countless albums, mostly by local San Francisco acts, and has also worked as a sound designer on a number of independent films.

When Erik first started recording bands, he couldn't afford the equipment, so he designed and built the analog gear he needed to get the sound he wanted. When not pushing faders, breathing solder fumes, or adding new features to Rabbl, he's out seeing live music. If you see him at a show, ask him about his 2-watt home-brewed tube amp, and buy him a beer.

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Adam Bozanich

Founding Engineer

Originally from Santa Cruz, Adam has been living in San Francisco for 10 years, and he's been working with tech and music startups for most of that time. If he is not solving a thorny back-end problem with old fashioned class, he's fiddling with his vintage 911, or braving the surf at Ocean Beach on his shortboard. If you see Adam at a show, ask him how to get to The Mystery Spot, and buy him a whiskey.

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Ben Marini

Engineering Rock

Ben is a native San Franciscan who has been making grown men cry in jiu jitsu matches for at least 7 years. Oddly enough, this is about how long he's been a Ruby on Rails developer. He also plays the trumpet, though his A Night in Tunisia needs, um, a few more nights. If you see him at a show, ask him about the chess application he built, and buy him a beer.

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Dave Mann

Artist Outreach

Dave's a transplanted Texan who has been living in the Washington DC area since 2008. He and his wife have an almost brand-new son, Asher, who seems to already be planning on playing multiple instruments, becoming a rock star, and making his old man awfully comfortable in his retirement. Dave has been promoting shows and organizing festivals with up and coming bands for years, but there's still a soft spot in his San Antonio heart for Pixies, Radiohead and Pavement, and for great musicians who are easy to work with.

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Travis Hellyer

Artist Outreach

Travis has over 20 years of experience in venue management, live music booking, show production, artist relations and promotion. His experience includes Creative Director and Talent Buyer at Mezzanine in San Francisco, West Coast Marketing Manager at The FADER magazine, Director of Client Development at Ticketweb, and Founder of Sinj Records and Entertainment. Some of the acts he brought to San Francisco for the first time include Justice, Lady Gaga, Mumford & Sons, and Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros.

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Rob Kowalski

Artist Outreach

Rob was born and raised in Florida and has been involved in the music industry for almost a decade in many different capacities. He started off as a solo folk act, then tour-managed Pitchfork favorite Hundred Waters across North America, and finally landed with the top-tier PR and management company Biz 3 in the summer of 2013. Now he works independently on his passion of helping to connect fans with the acts they love.

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Greg Osuri

Engineering Whisperer

Greg started coding at age 13 and has been going strong since. We mean it: Greg codes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with occasional breaks to show muggles like us how to do it better. He cofounded Hackathon.io, has worked and consulted for many Fortune 500 companies. Greg also leads design and engineering for AngelHack, the largest hackathon in history, spanning 6 cities and 11 countries. He also plays trumpet, and guitar, and has executive produced punk rock albums.

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Abby Wilcox

Marketing Maven

Abby is a writer trained as a journalist, and a photographer whose work has been featured broadly. We love her killer concert photos, though they do remind us of all the shows we missed. She, her studio, and her two cats are based in Oakland.

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