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Flag On Fire

Flag On Fire
Marietta, GA
Apr 01, 2017 7:00pm - Swayze's Venue


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Flag On Fire is a 5 piece melodic punk band from Jacksonville, Florida. The band started with 5 guys wanting to play the genre of music they grew up listening to. “We are veterans of our respective punk music scenes dating back to the mid 90s, that sound has led us to create a sound reminiscent to our hereos, yet fiercely individual” comments Todd Clary the lead guitarist from the band. FOF has had the opportunity to play with these bands including: Face to Face, Pennywise, Strung Out, Anti Flag, Guttermouth and Authority Zero. “ “We started as 5 friends that wanted to play the music we grew up influenced by and open for those bands as they came through Florida. We have reached that goal and are looking forward to what’s to come,” states Warren Cooke the bass player of the band. Flag on Fire released their debut EP, Slack To the Future, on Bird Attack Records on August 4th 2015. Within that first week, the band was classified by listeners worldwide as a 90s style punk band. “We are ok with that, that is a compliment to us” says Cooke. “Our mission statement is simple” declares Clary, “Create a soundtrack to the backdrop of everyday life as we know it.” FOF is looking forward to playing more shows and recording a full length record to be released in 2016. “We are you. We are Flag On Fire.”

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