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Marietta, GA
May 31


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SondorBlue is an alt-rock four-piece band with three lead singers. Their tight, soaring harmonies might remind you of The Beatles or Crosby, Stills and Nash, but the SondorBlue sound is entirely contemporary. John, Connor and Andrew pass around the vocals within their emotional and carefully crafted songs and, when they sing together, a magical fourth voice is created that is uniquely SondorBlue. The members of SondorBlue grew up on Hilton Head where they all played music and excelled in school and sports, especially baseball. In 2011, Andrew Halley and Connor Hollifield met at a pick-up basketball game on Hilton Head. When they sat down and talked music after the game, and later that day Connor sent Andrew a YouTube video of him performing an original song. They started playing and writing together, and soon started doing local gigs around the island: vocalist and multi-instrumentalist John Sheehan joined them a year later. In 2015, as the shows got larger, including season-long weekend residencies at various local resorts, Drew Lewis joined them on drums. The band believes that we are all connected and that music is the way to bring people together in peace and harmony. “Sondor” is a word that describes the unique life story carried in each one of us and, through SondorBlue’s lyrics and music, we can share this connection between us all. Go to one of their live shows, and you will feel for yourself the energy between the band and the audience. The band connects with age groups - from small kids, to teenagers, twentysomethings, parents with their kids, and the older generation, everyone is drawn into the SondorBlue experience. SondorBlue played over 70 shows through the summer months of 2016. The band is currently based in Charleston SC.

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