How a Rabbl Becomes a Show


A band creates a rabbl, which asks, "Should this BAND play this TOWN during this WEEK, at this ticket PRICE?"

The band also sets the GOAL, the number of tickets it needs to play the show.


Each fan votes YES by reserving tickets to the show, and committing their credit card to the ticket price, plus service fees.

3Reach Goal

If fans reserve enough tickets to meet the goal, credit cards are charged. Rabbl holds the ticket price money temporarily.

If the rabbl doesn't meet its goal, it is cancelled and nobody is charged.

4Find a Venue

Bands look for a venue in that town during that week.

They talk to club owners, and also to fans, who might know about non-traditional places to play.

5Book the show

The band settles on the exact day, time, and venue for the show. We notify fans of the details.

We send the band a list of all fans who reserved tickets.


Fans on the list get in at the door without paying anything.

We ask fans if the show happened. If they tell us yes, we send the ticket price money to the band.